Employer FAQS

Why should I employ a salon apprentice?

A salon apprentice can help your business as you have the chance to have a huge input in their training. This enables you to have staff specifically trained to your salon’s standards. After just 12 months your apprentice will be fully qualified and be ready and confident to service your clients in your salon and start to contribute to your salons takings.

• After just 12 to 18 months your apprentice will be fully qualified
• You have a huge input into their training and can ensure that they are working to your company standard
• Your apprentice will receive practical observations, oral questions and written assessments which are things you could not have time for yourself
• We take care of the time consuming paper work
• They contribute to salon takings as their practical skills can be applied on the salon floor
• There is no cost as the employer and your apprentice will only be absent from the salon one day a week
• Your apprentices are assessed in the comfort and familiarity of their own working environment
• You will receive frequent progress reports for your apprentice and will have access to their personal portfolio
• We also take care of all the time consuming paper work

What is an Apprenticeship in Hairdressing or Barbering?

A Hairdressing or Barbering apprenticeship is a work based learning programme which results in nationally recognised salon qualifications. In a salon apprenticeship programme employers are encouraged to help their apprentice learn during their time in their placement as the majority of learning takes place here. The apprentice attends a training academy one day per week and have to complete a minimum of 30 hours in their work place.

What areas & towns does the Hairdresser Training School cover?

We have students and salons in all local areas including : Enfield, Barnet, Hatfield, Borehamwood, Welwyn Garden City, Stevenage, Southgate and surrounding areas.

What types of Hairdressing & Barbering apprenticeship are there?

There are three types of apprenticeship:

  • Intermediate Apprenticeship (NVQ Level 2)
  • Advanced Apprenticeship (NVQ Level 3)
  • Higher Apprenticeship (NVQ Level 4+5)

What does the apprenticeship involve?

– All apprentices have to attend 30 hours per week of working and learning
– A knowledge based element
– A competence based element
– Functional Skills – Maths and English
– Employment Rights and Responsibilities
– Personal Learning and Thinking Skills

What are my responsibilities as the salon employer?

As the employer you must give your apprentice an introduction to their role in the salon and provide work based learning. You are required to provide your apprentice with a contract of employment and must agree to pay them a salary. This is currently £3.50 per hour for apprentices in their first year. If your apprentice is in their second year you are required to pay them the national minimum wage for their age.

Is there a limit to the number of salon apprentices I can employ?

No, there is no limit.

How am I updated with my apprentices progress?

As an employer you have access to your apprentices online portfolio (NVQ Star) where you can see their progress and attendance. You will be issued a log in so you can see this whenever you need to. We also welcome employers into The School Of Hairdressing to see their students in their learning environment and the apprentices are given reviews in which the employers are involved. We will also send you any updates in-between these if we feel they are necessary.

Will I know if my apprentice doesn’t turn up to the Hairdressing Training Academy?

As above, you have access to NVQ Star where you can check your apprentices attendance, we will also update you of anything extra if we feel it is necessary.

Can I come to the Hairdresser Training Academy to see my apprentice in the classroom?

Yes, this is something we encourage. It shows the learner that the employer is taking full interest in their training.

Can I arrange a visit to the academy before sending my prospective salon apprentices?

Yes. Please contact the academy on 0203 474 0360 or email admin@theschoolofhairdressing.com to arrange your visit.


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